Die With Zero (or close to it!)

Die With Zero is a book by Bill Perkins that suggests you do more than retire at 65 and live off 4% of your portfolio until you die. Instead, you should think of spending more money when you're young and can enjoy it more. Take luxury vacations, gift your child an early inheritance, and buy your dream car. You can - and should - do it all.

But how do you do it safely, in a way that still gives you the life of your dreams while ensuring financial security? Easy: with a plan.

*This spreadsheet was created by Bridget Casey, MBA (Finance) and is based on the philosophy of but not affiliated with Die With Zero by Bill Perkins. You are encouraged to read Die With Zero in order

Chances are you're saving too much and living too little. Let's fix that.

The Die With Zero Plan Spreadsheet

Plan your retirement in an unusual way: with the intent to run out of money.

This spreadsheet will project your investment account balances every year of your life. You'll be able to see exactly how much you'll have, so you can start planning how and whent to spend it.

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